BUG: Using Wacom Pen, Illustrator's font window scrolls horizontally with no way to reset


This happens regularly when I use my Wacom Pro pen:

I can’t use Wacoms pan/scroll (mapped to pen buttons) in that window (I think it’s a limitation of Adobe or Wacom’s shitty drivers) so I have to click the scrollbar to “jump” up or down. Or I click and drag the scrollbar to move around.

Annoyingly, sometimes instead of clicking the scrollbar, I somehow miss and it scrolls the font window to the right (as you can see in screen shot above).

From there, I am unable to reset the scroll back to the left.

Please include a horizontal scroll bar so it’s easy for me to reset.



Thank you for the feedback.

This is a very interesting issue. We will forward to our Product Development Team for further review. At this time, continue using your workaround (if possible).

As you mentioned this may not be something we can resolve.


Thanks so much.

If it’s of any help, here’s a GIF:

Looks like it happens if a font name extends further to right than window width. In the above, I am using Google Fonts as example.

The only two fixes:

  1. Quit and restart app
  2. Make window bigger (this isn’t a great solution as there is a max width set on the palette window and some font names are longer than the max width so I can’t get back to the left side of the window)

I think a simple fix would be to remove the max width (or make the max width restriction be larger width-wise) or allow for a horizontal scrollbar.



Thanks for the updates.