Batch Process Zipping files


Is there anyway not to have Download or Batch Process Zip files? All it does is make extra steps for users to have to unzip files to do anything with them. There should at least be some option to Zip/Not Zip files when Downloading or Batch processing.



One way to download multiple files without zipping them is to drag and drop the selected assets from the Portfolio Desktop client to a location on your desktop. Otherwise, if the result of a download or batch process operation contains multiple files they will always be downloaded in a zip archive.

I hope this helps. I wish I had a better solution for you.



Dragging and dropping won’t work with a batch convert (If I am wrong tell me how to do it) only original files. The purpose of software is to make work easier not more difficult and by not having an option to Zip or not makes everyone at my company workflow more difficult and time consuming.

Besides who zips up compressed JPG files, total waste of time.

Extensis needs to at least put the option to not ZIP files when downloading or Batch Converting.


Hi Dan,

I would love to have a better solution for downloading multiple files, but it is not something that is commonly done in browsers or any application that I’m familiar with. However, just because it is not common doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Do you have an example of an application that does this?

What Portfolio client are you using? The clients are:

  • The new (3.0) desktop client
  • The new (3.0) browser client
  • The old (pre-3.0) flash-based browser client
  • The old (pre-3.0) desktop client called Express

Also, what client operating system do you use?

The purpose of zip archiving is both to compress and to combine the files into a single file which can be downloaded by a browser. Most browsers don’t support by default downloading multiple files in one gesture.

Some combinations of browsers and operating systems can automatically unzip downloaded zip archives, but setting that up is specific to those browsers and OS’s.

What is the experience that you would like to see? Is it:

  1. When the batch process is complete, click on the download button.
  2. Select a folder.
  3. All files are downloaded into the folder.

This may seem like an obvious question, but it’s important that we have a clear of idea of what you want.



We are switching over to the latest v3 from the old Portfolio 11, actually moving over tomorrow. We have both Windows and Mac users, as you would expect.

I would like it to work just like it does in the 11 desktop client where you select the files, do a batch conversion and it asks you where to put the files and it converts them and puts in the correct folder.

Any good business email system will not allow you to send’/receive ZIP files for security purposes as well as if you want to work on those files you have to take an extra step to unzip the files before you can do anything.

The other dumb thing is that it always names the files Files.ZIP so if you are working on several downloads you have to rename them every time. Just making extra work for user.


Okay, I think I’m reasonably clear on the ask. I will talk to product management to see how they want to prioritize this.