Auto complete in keywords field


I’m having issues with the way auto-complete interacts with the entry frame for the keywords field.
#1) When entering multiple values, when I attempt to change a completed entry, the frame inserts one character where I position the cursor and then jumps to the end of the string. e.g.- if I first enter the term “blue bike”, and then want to enter “green bike”, I drop the curser in front of the word blue and type green, it enters the g in the proper position, and then jumps to the end of bike to complete the rest of the word resulting in an unusable entry. I typically have to erase and start typing over. Is there any way to adjust this action?

Issue #2) When entering terms into keywords, the term is sometimes retained in the text entry frame and sometimes not after hitting return. Is there any way to make a term stick until manually deleting to enter/search for a new term?


Issue 1 is tied to the buggy-ness of a flash based site. I have the same problem along with constantly having the site become unresponsive for about five seconds every seven seconds. Super annoying and the only way this will go away is when Extensis switches to an HTML5 based site.

Issue 2 Is this issue when you searching by keywords in the advanced search bar or when you are trying to append keywords to assets in the keywords panel?


Hey Spencer,

Thanks for the follow-up… you’re not the only one waiting for that HTML5 update.

As far as the weird retention of the terms in the keyword entry panel, I’ve figured out that all I need to clear an un-highlighted term from the entry field it to hit return again… Since the term is already in the record it clears the entry box as a duplicate entry and allows another entry to be started.

It’s a bit clunky, I still have to watch if a term sticks or clears from the panel before I start the next entry. but when processing my accessions, it is the easiest way to keep the keywording process up to speed.


Thank you for the question. This is a function of flash like Spencer pointed out. We are currently working on removing flash from the client as one of our large projects. We can’t provide specific dates for when this project is set to complete, but watch for Portfolio announcements in the coming months.

Thank you,