Auto-activation with Illustrator and Photoshop


Hello all,

We’ve just installed Suitcase on our Macs in our design department. This is our first time using Suitcase since the OS9 days and after using it on a trial basis for the last month, I think it is going to be very valuable to us.

I’ve got it working well with InDesign, but I realized today that the auto-activation isn’t working with Illustrator. And the same thing with Photoshop. I’ve made sure the preferences are set for the auto-activation to be on, but still no luck.

Any tips on getting this feature to work?


Here’s my prefs:

Don’t forget to go to “Suitcase Fusion 6” menu, choose Manage Plugins:

… and then:


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve double-checked that the plug-ins are checked in the “manage plug-ins”–I even turned them off and on again. And otherwise my prefs are the same as yours except for the “global auto-activation.”

My InDesign is working fine without it, but if you think this is necessary to get Illustrator to work, perhaps I should give it a try.