Auto Activation issues - Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


The activating of Myriad in place of missing fonts really is so dangerous! It’s almost tripped me up a few times now. Very bad.

Most of the time I’m finding opening psd documents twice activates the correct fonts. I’ve actually taken to transferring a lot of my jobs over to Indesign (where I don’t have the issue) not great though and obviously not everyone can do this.

Disgusting really, considering how much we pay for these software applications. Not impressed.


If your Adobe application is substituting the default font of Myriad, then Suitcase is not finding the correct font to activate. Please try the following steps to find the appropriate font:

  • First, turning off the Pick Best Match feature of the your Suitcase plug-in in your Adobe application. This will allow you to see different missing font information displayed more prominently when trying to trouble shoot (screenshot below).

  • An example to on how to turn off Pick Best Match, select the following menu in InDesign:

  •  Type/Suitcase Fusion/Suitcase Fusion Auto-Activation preferences


Other examples can be found here:


  • Then re-open your document and see a new dialog box for the missing font. Please not that it will now display the missing font and the FontSense ID number:


  • Now use the Font ID number information in Suitcase to find if you have the missing font available. We would suggest using the FIND FONT function under the Edit Menu in Suitcase Fusion. This will allow you to narrow the search to the specific FontSense ID number.

If the font is ‘NOT’ displayed during your search when using the font ID number, then it is not available and will not activate.


Thank you for this.

What does it mean if there is no FontSense ID?


If the FontSense ID is not present in the missing font dialog, then it is not a font that has been cataloged by your copy of Suitcase Fusion.

We would recommend asking the creator of the project to package the fonts and send them with the project or finding the missing font using information displayed in the missing font dialog box.