Auto activate loop InDesign CC 2017


When using any of the Helvetica Neue Condensed OTF fonts in InDesign, now I get a loop of activating / deactivating conflict because part of the Helvetica Neue family is used a system font (OSX 10.11.6). Any suggested workarounds would be appreciated. Temporarily I changed the typeface, but need to go back to using this family I have been using for years.


Even “keep the current font active” under preferences doesn’t remedy the issue, although, curiously enough, when pasting an affected textbox from the original into a new document and changing the copy (text) and not typeface causes the cycle to stop. Will investigate more later.



It sounds as if you have a conflict with the installed version of Helvetica Neue. Unfortunately, OS X 10.11 makes it difficult to override and remove some system fonts.

The new version of our Font Management Best Practices Guide for Mac OS talks about which fonts can be safely removed from 10.11, and it points to an Apple KB article on how to turn off System Integrity Protection in order to remove them.



Thanks for the feedback.

In the past the fonts would either not activate or would activate, and it would leave it at that without a cycle. Now it seems that Suitcase activates the font, it shows on screen, then the system overrides and deactivates, then Suitcase activates again; the whole process takes up a bit of system resources, and it’s a bad the user experience of having InDesign throw up a missing font dialog every 10 seconds or so upon opening the document. I had this document open a couple of versions of Suitcase ago and it didn’t exhibit this behavior. I opened the document again last night and the behavior wasn’t as erratic. I had not closed InDesign all day, so for some reason later on in the day Suitcase and Indesign and the OS worked together differently. Is this intended, or an oversight with the latest upgrade/update? Or is it something that Adobe caused with their latest version? Or an OS problem. I guess troubleshooting and replicating the issue for your team is just as hard as it is for everyone else. Just curious. I’ll read the guides and let you know what I find out about the specific conflict.

I do realize Apple screwed the design world with their implementation of this one particular typeface.


So this was happening to me and what I discovered was it wasn’t the fonts fault. I had a placed pdf file that used the true type version of Eurostile Bold, meanwhile I had the postscript version used on a different page of the document. So it kept turning one on and the other off in what seemed to be a veritable loop. Don’t know if this helps you, but it was my experience with something similar.