AssetSEIService.wsdl missing getAutomationScripts


When creating an instance of the AssetSEI service using the wsdl on our server, we get an error stating there is no definition for method getAutomationScripts.
I got a new wsdl from the assetService.zip at doc.extensis.com/api/portfolio/downloads.html, which does include this definition.
Also, while I was at it, I got the dam-client.jar from the same place. It also has the getAutomationScripts method exposed as a web service (as does our current dam-client.jar)

However, now I am stuck on how to update our server with this wsdl.

Alternatively, I tried using the wsdl locally in the application, but ran into problems with that as well. The particular application is a standalone executable jar, so it is not running within a server context which complicates things a bit.

If we could just get the proper wsdl to return from :8090/ws/1.0/AssetService?wsdl, then all would be good.
Has anyone else run into this getAutomationScripts method, and if so, how did you get around it?


Found the fix to the problem in this post:

Following that, I was able to create a dam-client.jar that matches our wsdl.


Great to hear, and please let us know how your integration effort goes. Hearing feedback like this helps us make a better product, so we really appreciate it.