Archiving via API?


Hi folks,
Wondering if anyone has leveraged the API to move aging assets to a separate storage for archiving purposes, and if so, can you share any pointers as to how it’s been done? Are you leveraging metadata, folder location, perhaps date-based or asset usage?

We are looking at what our long term storage strategy should be and how Portfolio’s API to automate the moving of assets out of Portfolio into a long term storage/data preservation solution, so any ideas would be great.



The actual moving or copying of the assets is pretty simple to do via the API, or the new Server-Side Scripting feature in Portfolio 2017. Let us know if you have any technical questions on how to do this, we’ll be happy to help!

I think you’re right that the more involved question is when to archive the assets. This really just depends on your business needs, but we’ve helped customers with this in the past. One common scenario is using a custom date field in Portfolio, which stores when an asset’s usage rights expire. Once that date passes, the asset can be automatically exported to another folder and/or catalog. Another common scenario is to store assets in folders based on the year they can be used, for instance if you are publishing an annual catalog of products. Then every new year, the entire folder can be archived.