Alpha sort of catalog names?


A quick question on getting the contents of the “Connect to Server” dialog box to alpha sort the catalog names with the Mac Client.

Currently it’s looking like the catalogs are shown in the order they were started on the server. The PC on the other hand does list the catalog names in alpha-order.

It’s a little thing, but can be taxing when working with a confused user trying to find something in a different catalog.

Any tips?


ISTR the list is alpha sorted on Server (re-)start with any new or re-served catalogues being added to the end of the list during the current session. If that still holds true, re-starting Portfolio server should fix the list though clearly that means all client/web-client users will temporarily loose service.


I can easily restart the server to test it out, without interrupting any clients connection.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll let you know if it works.



The server restart re-ordered the catalog names…