After restart UTS not available



  • Mac Pro with 10.10 and UTC 5
  • Server with 10.8.5 and UTS 5

The UTC connection works fine but when we restart the Mac Pro UTC says “Server not available”. When closing the UTC connection and reconnect then it works, but only until next restart…

Anyone got the same issue? Or a solution to this problem?


I already opened two support-cases, no answer from official support. :cry:


I have a similar issue but we are not able to connect to the server at all on our Mac Pro 10.10 with UTC 5.

When signing in we get “Server Connection Failed”. Could this be because the UTS is on a computer that is not running OS X 10.10?


Whilst similar, it’s a different issue so should probably be a separate topic. To answer to ‘support’ do you have the case numbers, or the email address used to log the tickets? If you send me a private message I can look into the cases for you to ensure you get a reply, if you haven’t already had one.

For ‘cgriffis’, have you tried connecting clients to the server by specifying the IP/hostname and port (8080)? I’m guessing you’re trying to connect using the ‘Browse for servers’ button? That uses Apple’s Bonjour to connect, and we’re aware of issues with this on OSX 10.10 Yosemite.


We too have this issue. We updated to UTS 5 last week and we have 3 production machines with this issue. Our most recent machine, which came preloaded with OS X 10.10 and has never had anything but UTC 5 on it, is working correctly.