Advanced Options


Currently using the Trial of Portfolio Server 11 on OS X (Though it will prob be hosted on Windows if we purchase if that matters) and I noticed that the files I imported for the test bring in keywords generated by the path and file, and we certainly do not want this.

I found this article in troubleshooting that states:

Nowhere in the Server Admin, nor the web client (As a user or administrator) can I find a Catalog or Advanced Options menu or button. Where the heck do I find this!!!


This option is accessible in the Desktop Client application.


Grrr. Would be nice to include that information on the page somewhere so people know that.

So if we buy Portfolio Server, do we have to buy the Desktop Client as well? We would much rather use the Web client.


The Desktop client is free. Your base Portfolio Server licence includes between 3-5 client licences, and you can purchase more on top. Portfolio client licences have been many models in its near 20-year life. Currently, all client licences (whether bundled with the Server licence or additional) form one single client access pool. For N clients, N different concurrent accesses are allowed from Web clients or Desktop clients (Mac or Windows). The Desktop client is no longer serialised but the licence is controlled at the server end. Just install the Desktop clients/where required. You will require at least ONE Desktop client to be installed, if only on the server itself in order to configure certain features. Autosync watched folders is one such.


Thanks for the additional information. I downloaded the standalone desktop client as well to try out this afternoon.


I’ve updated that KB article so that it specifies the Desktop Client in that section. Thanks for pointing this out.