Adobe CS4 Plugin for Fusion 6


Is there a place I can find the auto-activation plugins for Adobe CS4 for Suitcase 6?


Hi Hammerhead,

CS5 is the earliest version for which there was plug-in support in Suitcase Fusion 6.

Suitcase Fusion 5 was the last version with support for versions older than CS5.


Rumor has it that the plugins for CS4 from Suitcase 5 will work when copied over to the correct folder in Suitcase 6. Can you tell me where to locate those plugins from Suitcase 5?


The configuration that you are suggesting is neither supported nor recommended. Any users attempting this do so at their own risk.


What might be the consequences, so I can make my own decision?

I’m also asking because I occasionally have to activate all fonts on the system, and in SF6, it’s very slow to do so taking up to nearly 5 minutes for 2400 fonts.


Thanks for your questions. Adding plugins from one version to another typically will not work. Each plugin is keyed to the version of Suitcase that it ships with. Adding these plugins from other versions will usually not activate fonts or you will be presented with an error message the plug-in is incompatible.

And yes, activating 2400 fonts at one time can create performance issues on your system. If it’s necessary to activate a large number of fonts, we would recommend closing as many applications as possible to free up additional memory for the system and your required applications to run.