Adobe Creative Cloud (2015) Compatibility


And… brace yourselves… Font activation -even manual- is not working for me on Windows 10…

So, guess it would be a good idea to expect Extensis releasing an fully-working update near year end at this pace…

Seriously though, DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10 if you want to keep using Extensis Suitcase Fusion…



It’s probably not best to speculate what Extensis is planning to do with support. Feel free to ask me anytime you don’t know and I’ll give you the info I can about our upcoming schedule.

In the meanwhile, we have been testing developer releases of Windows 10 for a few months now and haven’t had any issues with activation. It’s in our plans to support Windows 10 when we release this upcoming Adobe CC2015 and (btw) QuarkXPress 2015 plugins update.

We have scheduled (as part of our final testing to ensure full compatibility with the newly shipping Win 10 version.
Frankly, I can’t imagine Microsoft made significant changes since our last testing version to completely break Suitcase. But don’t worry we will test it thoroughly and I will provide an update next week as promised.



Hey Ramy,

you can circumvent the problem in windows 10 (which i had too) with setting all exe files in the suitcase 6 folder to “run as administrator”.
at least you can get the manual font activation back working. (i think win10 is blocking these as standard user, even if you are admin)




Thanks Chris for your update.

Sorry if my post sounded rude or the like, no means to offense, but while you made it clear what’s happening with Windows support, and I really, really, appreciate you have taken your time to address us users in this forum, you must recognize Extensis’s Windows support hasn’t been stellar, and sadly, many of us rely on your tool as part of a workflow that ultimately for many of us is the basis or(and an aspect of our jobs. Everytime you guys release a new version, I almost buy it immediately without thinking it about twice, and I believe many of us Windows users do the same. What I’m saying, we’re totally supporting your business, so bear with us a little if we’re -in my personal case- are a little disappointed of seeing this release imparity in your products and are venting it out a little in your forums.

That been said, I agree, it´ss a bad idea to speculate and from now on, I will address to you guys for any support issue. Just release the plug-ins and a fully working tool soon :wink:

Talking about Windows, I can assure you font activation is NOT working smoothly on my configuration after upgrading (sure thing, it was brave to do so in one of my production workstations, but that’s another history…) and I’ll be more than glad to help you with all the info you may need to squash any bugs may be there.

What I did, after following @fcpdu tip without no luck on my end (thanks a lot anyways dude!) was to re-install it. While it is now working, sometimes after a restart, all the previously permanent activated fonts de-activate. Some other times fter waking up the PC, FCCore service crashes. As with all Windows, YMMV, but on my end, Suitcase is not running as it used to…

Anyways, thanks again Chris, and have a great weekend you all guys in this forum.




No worries, I understand your concerns about Windows support and didn’t take your comments as rude or offensive. However, I just want to make sure if there are any rumors about what Extensis is planning that I’m the one who shares them. :slightly_smiling:

We really appreciate your business and are testing to ensure full compatibility. If you can provide steps to consistently reproduce the issue feel free to log them here or send them to me via email - cmeyer@extensis.com.

Once we ship the updated version I’ll have you install the new one and then we can troubleshoot any remaining issues.



We are in our final testing phase and hope to be done by the end of this week.
Assuming we don’t find any other significant defects I should be able to hand off the update to you all by the end of this week.
Our “official” release will come sometime next week. It includes CC2015, Quark 2015 plugins and Windows 10 compatibility.

Currently, we are focusing some extra effort on Windows 10 testing so I’ll check back in on Thursday with another status.



Thanks Chris for the update, that’s some great news. Hope everything goes accordingly. Again, thanks!


FYI, I was able to get auto-activation working in Windows 10 by the following:

  • Set all exe in fusion dir to run as admin
  • set all to run in compatibility with Windows 7
  • Run the Adobe app as admin

When I did all of those steps my fonts auto-activated as expected.


Hello all,

We continue to test Suitcase Fusion for 17.2.0 Win and as mentioned by users in this thread there are numerous compatibility issues related to permission changes in Windows 10. While manual adjustments are working for some functions we’re finding others to be unusable. Additionally, we’ve found a couple of plugin defects needing to be addressed as well.
Therefore, my Quality Engineers are estimating another week of work before we can confidently release.
So we are now targeting next Friday and I am confident we will hit this date.
I’m sorry for the extra delay and will provide another progress update by Tuesday.
I promise to stop holding them hostage and hand them over the minute they are ready.


I’ve been following this thread from the onset. I’m currently running Ver. I assume to upgrade to the next release I simply have to hit “Check for Updates” on the Tools tab. Is that correct?


Here is the latest update:
Things are going well for our release this Friday.
We have resolved a few Win 10 issues and overall Suitcase for Windows is looking good with Adobe CC2015, QXP2015 and Win 10 compatibility. The “official” release will be sometime next week but I will post the installer links here as soon as they are ready on Friday.

@ V Pratt, as noted above, the links will be available sooner for manual download here.
You will be able to use the “check for updates” option next week once the installers go up publicly on our website.
Also if you select the “Check for updates automatically” option in Suitcase Preferences you will be alerted automatically when it’s available.

Hope this helps.



Chris -

Thanks for the prompt reply. Looking forward to the update…


Ok here is the installer Suitcase Fusion 6 version 17.2 for Windows that includes the Adobe CC2015, QXP2015 plugin and Win 10 compatibility.
We don’t officially ship until Tuesday so let us know if you find any showstopper issues.



Thanks Chris,
Installed update, so far so good everything is looking great and working as expected. Will keep posted as we continue to use it and will report issues if any.
Again, thanks Chris for keeping us updated and for posting the link.


Thanks for the release! Installed and so far so good!


thanks! is it me or is it really slow on windows 10 x64? (was slow on win10 before but i thought it would be resolved with the update). anyone with similiar experience? (core i5, 16gb ram, samsung pro ssd)


really slow on windows 10 x64…


Can you provide more details as to what’s slow?

Is it Suitcase, CC2015, Windows in general, etc.? Is it Suitcase font activation, previewing, saving files CC2015 files, etc?
The more detail and specific steps you can share so that we can reproduce internally can help us identify specific issues.



The activation from panel in photoshop CC 2015 is slow. When I open a document with different fonts , photoshop turns slow until complete the auto activation


@ veradg: Thanks for sharing additional details.

I’ve asked our Suitcase quality engineers to review these areas of concern and let me know what they are able to reproduce. If anyone else has more details please let us know.

In the event we find product defects with Win 10 compatibility we will look to fix it as quickly as possible.

I will follow up with our findings.