Adobe Creative Cloud (2015) Compatibility


Hey guys!

Hope you’re doing fine! Do you have an ETA for this update? Mac’s one went live some days ago and we PC users are kinda left out in the cold waiting for it…


Certain Fonts not Auto-Activating
Support for Adobe CC 2015 Apps
Could not open the font vault

Knock, knock, is anyone there?


Hopefully it won’t be as slow as the update last year.


Are you serious? Where is the update für the windows version? Its **been a month ** now since cc 2015 release and one week since the osx update.
unbelievable that you still can’t manage a simultaneous release for both worlds (win & osx) - we have 2015!

Another thing is that you didnt even consider answering in the windows forum or give us an ETA.


I agree, and, I mean, the 90’s are over, and the PC has been long ago a viable and -IMHO- nice platform for all things graphic design and content creation… kinda sad they’re still giving “1st class citizen status” only to Mac…

Whatever, at least, I was expecting a reply from them like the ones on the Mac forum…


Guys! Anyone there??


Hello Ramy,

My apologies, these are user-to-user forums and we do not patrol them on a daily basis.

I’ve caught up on this post and understand your concerns.
Extensis is committed to delivering Windows CC2015 plugins and we apologize that it’s taking longer than expected to release them. We don’t think lesser of Windows, we are just unable to deliver all plugins at once this time around so we’ve decided to launch them as soon as each is done.

With that said the Windows ones for Suitcase Fusion 6 are in the works and we will deliver them as soon as we possibly can.

I promise to update this post just like I’ve done for the Mac ones.

In the future, if you ever require info sooner and are not getting responses here please contact us directly. Here are important email addresses to reach us:
Customer Service - info@extensis.com
Tech Support - support@extensis.com
(Me) on the Suitcase Team - cmeyer@extensis.com



Thank you so much for the info Chris. I used this forum, since I see that the Mac’s one is more “active” and to avoid just opening a support ticket for this question.

I understand the situation and I really hope you can deliver them soon.

If possible, keep us posted, ok?

Thanks for your reply!!



“Extensis is committed to delivering Windows CC2015 plugins”. Yes, well I would hope so. I’m also committed to reaching the age of 90, but it ain’t happening any time soon. Can you please give your clients a bit more to go on - at least a ball park for how much longer?


Can we please have an approximate delivery window? Something beyond recondite phrases that really leave us with no idea about our delivery status. Mac OS X was released 3 weeks after the deployment of CC 2015, is there no way to inform us how long we will have to wait? Some of us have businesses and even if not self-employed and using on a personal basis, a bit more detailed answer would still be fitting. Can someone this time around tell us something beyond the same old “extensis is committed” or “windows plugins are in the works” etc. We just want an idea that’s all, as we are paid customers as well, with a few expectations I might add. Thanks!


Is there any reason that Extensis cannot release each plugin as it is completed? I’m assuming that they are waiting until all the plugins have been updated before they release.

Please consider posting updated plugins for those that are willing to manually install them.



Just saw on the support blog that the Adobe CC 2015 plugins for Windows will be released sometime in August. Hopefully this is a good estimate.


Whoa… Till “sometime” in August? Damn… Talk about Windows users being the same priority as Mac ones… guess we’re not an enough number users for Extensis to consider the platform as important. Or maybe we’re not as hipster as people using Mac…

In the mean time, and for whom may be interested, PS and Illustrator auto-activation plug-ins actually work with current versions. I haven’t tried the panels, since I’ve been having problems with them for some time in past versions, though. InDesign ones are definitely a no-go. Just a simple file copy to have the things working on current versions.

I know Extensis advises against this, so use with caution and at your own risk.


Yeah Ramy, my sentiments exactly. It is rather irritating that we have clearly been snubbed in this matter, we pay the same price for the software as Mac users. To make matters worse I am more bothered by the fact that we have been ignored continuously as we ask questions, and on the Mac forums it seems they were answering questions and holding on to every letter. To top it off, I had several posts inquiring about an estimated date deleted by moderators or whatever they’re called. I guess I phrased my questions wrong or something.
I know there are those who are staunch supporters of Extensis and are accommodating as far as the delivery date for Windows plugins go, but I only expect to be treated the same as the Mac users, who are clearly the high-priority customer base.
If the competition (FontAgent or FontExplorer) releases plugins before Extensis I will gladly purchase their software, for me and my clients its simply a matter of who deploys first.
As I said previously, hopefully its not a deflection.
That being said, I hope everyone is having a pleasant evening.


With the way Windows users are being treated we should be paying less for a product that is relegated to second class by the company. The priority is plainly not there to support this part of the customer base in a timely manner and Extensis don’t appear to value our patronage.


this is really unbearable.
is there still no real alternative for font activation in windows?

2 months for a plugin update. guess after the update for cc 2015 we have to wait another 2 months for a 100% compatible windows 10 version.

shame on you for neglecting the most widespread os in the world…


Sorry, Extensis, but i’m really upset with this update policy…It’s annoying being always the second … I promise we won’t update to the next major release. We have more problems with your software than without and “typograph” from neuber, we used before!!! So we will switch back. It’s a pity spending money for such software. Don’t misunderstand: suitcase could be a great tool, but these bugs and not workable plugins in combination with your update strategy are a “no go” imho.
This is not the way being sustainable in things of selling a product…Just my 2 cents.


Yikes, this post sure has blown up in a week. Sorry I was out of the office last week and wasn’t ignoring all of you.
I understand your frustrations and believe me getting heat for it is not comfortable for us over here either. But it is the reality of our development right now so we’re working as quickly as we can to release.

Here is our latest status:
Windows plugin development work is done.
We continue to fix a few stubborn bugs and are preparing test passes later this week.
Currently, we are targeting an “official” mid-August release but I will make them available sooner if possible.
I promise to provide a more definitive date once we get through our next testing phase.
I’ll provide another update early next week.



Mid August. Thanks for at least giving us a bit of a time frame, but to be honest that will be two months since Adobe released CC 2015 and a month after the Mac plugins release. I’d be interested to know what part of Celartem thinks this is an acceptable way to treat its Windows clients.


Ok, thanks for the update.