Adobe Creative Cloud (2015) Compatibility


So, today we can upgrade to CC 2015 - but is it compatible with Suitcase Fusion 6? I need to know before I jump ship.


It won’t be compatible until Extensis release either a) a free update for Suitcase 6 or b) a new paid version of Suitcase (7). Option B is probably more likely!


With SF6 only 8 months old, I certainly hope a free update with compatible plug-in is more likely. With compatibility already stretching back through CS5 plugins, adding CC2015 would seem the best customer-friendly move.


Extensis is currently working on a CC2015 compatibility release. I don’t have the exact date to share but it will be soon.
It will be a free upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 6 and we will notify customers when it is available for download. Check our website (blog.extensis.com) or back here for updates.


Now that SF is not working with CC I finally realized how lazy I am. :slightly_smiling:


This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. Have just spent a week trying to solve why the plug-ins wouldn’t work, fighting with Suitcase’s uninstall that left half the files in appdata and therefore corrupted any new install, and then Adobe updates and I have no plugins at all. Now there’s no confirmed date for an update (and it’s not like the CC 2015 release would have been a secret). After major issues around any update time anyone recommend a better product?


Extensive definitely dropped the ball on this one, but unfortunately I don’t think there’s a better alternative. Hopefully, they’ll get the update done soon.


Just a curiosity. Does Adobe provide CC updates early to developers/partners to test their software with?

If not then, well, not much Extensis can do till its in their hands just like the rest of us. I appreciate that a fix is incoming but surprised that it would actually not be a minor tweak. I got the Illustrator plug in to work by moving it over after upgrading (or in some cases, feels like CC2015 is a buggy downgrade) but then had issues with saving that were fixed by removing the plugin.

Not sure why Adobe fells compelled to re-write their software two years in a row. They never got the bugs of CC 2014 worked out but seems like 2015 was alllll about cutting it down to just the last two version of OS (at least on the Mac side) so anyone below 10.9 is just SOL.


Yes, Extensis participates in the Adobe developer/partner program. We stay current with their advances and install early releases when available. However, most of the early feature development is irrelevant for us. The CC applications change over the prerelease timeframe and font activation related code changes are not always known until we get final applications and SDK s from Adobe.

Early on we test our new plugins with previous CC SDKs to get a jump on things. Later on after receiving new SDKs we take another pass of development & testing with these latest updates. This goes on numerous times depending upon how many prerelease versions Adobe provides. Unfortunately this time around new CC apps and SDKs were delivered just before Adobe’s public release date. That didn’t give us much time to fix bugs in our plugins that cropped up.

So currently we are resolving a few plugin/panel bugs we discovered and will begin our final round of testing once they are addressed. After we complete testing for all supported OS versions and languages we will make the plugins available.

I should have our targeted date soon and will publish it here. We understand plugins are really important to you and its our priority focus right now.
Thanks for your patience, we sincerely appreciate your business.



This is something that should definitely be brought up the next time your folks meet with Adobe. Unfortunately, this tends to make Extensis look bad, not Adobe. And yes, that is totally unfair. Thanks for the update and explanation Chris. I look forward to the update.

All the best,
Kelly C
(a loyal Suitcase Fusion owner)


I’ll be sure to wait before I upgrade Adobe major releases. This kinda sucks to not have font auto activation. :frowning:

Looking forward to a new release! :slightly_smiling:


As I recall, my Adobe CC just updated itself. Not sure I was even asked permission. If there’s a way to turn off automatic updates please let me know.


I think I had to manually click “upgrade” (not sure of exact verbiage). I have CC on two machines, and neither auto updated to CC2015 (I’m on Macs). That would be frustrating if Adobe updated to major versions automatically (thankfully, that wasn’t the case for me).


Thank you for the message Chris,
I’ve had several issues with these CC 2015 apps, from the desktop menu bar app to photoshop bug to an issue with the GPU rendering in Illustrator messing up the way text looks. Kind of unhappy all the way around with Adobe this round, hope they fix their crap soon. Thanks for you guys working to get the plugins back up and running!


I’m still using Fusion 5 and it does seem to work for me in Photoshop CC 2015. Illustrator is another story. Suitcase 5 works, but AI crashes when you save the doc. It does save it just fine, though. Extensis isn’t the only one in this boat - many of my Photoshop plugins either don’t work or are crippled.


so you dragged over the plug ins from the previous version? Or re-installed the Fusion 5 application to see if it would auto-detect the 2015 Adobe version?

I dragged over the Illustrator plugin from 2014 to 2015 and got the same bug you got. Auto fonts, but crash on save. In fact, had a couple other crashes just while working but could replicate for sure with a save attempt.

LOTS of issues with this release. Plug ins in the past have sometimes easily carried over from version to version but often with new numbered releases would just stop. Almost like it was intended to break it. From Creative Suite 4 to 5 seemed to be more issues then 5 to 6. (those were the days)


I dragged it over. Bigger problems now… just tried to reinstall Suitcase 5, got a “could not locate Extensis File Manager” error, but it still installed, and now I’ve lost access to my entire Suitcase database…
update: restored last version from yesterday’s Time Machine Backup, so all is back to the buggy status quo. Plugins do not install


Hey people its just Adobes method to purge Suitcase and force you to their pay as you go TypeKit. Oh don’t think they will not find a way to charge you per month for that service once the competitors start to fade from lack of ability to keep up with Adobe’s constantly/purposefully changing code. Typekit may be free or “part of the suite” but crack dealers give out their stuff free the first time around too. Hang in their extensis and don’t sell out!


Not a problem for me, just went back to CC 2014 :slightly_smiling:
The problems with the new release far outweighed any benefits.


[quote=“mrsnak”]Not a problem for me, just went back to CC 2014 :slightly_smiling:
The problems with the new release far outweighed any benefits.[/quote]

Same here, I have a few thousand dollars tied up in 3rd party Photoshop Plugins which still work with CC 2014 (for now), but various issues with CC 2015. Adobe also recommend reinstalling all 3rd party plugins (vs dragging them over) and NONE of them have new installers yet… Seriously! For me Photoshop is mostly just the “core” that runs all the 3rd party software I use. Dreamweaver CC 2015 - same problem, none of my expensive 3rd party extensions will install!

Very disappointed with Adobe - especially since they went to the “subscription” plan - that pretty much ended the incentive to innovate. Seeing the same problem over at Apple since the passing of Steve Jobs, those idiots have just butchered the Mac OS as well as the pro-line. They both have swallowed the Kool-Aid and are banking everything on the “mobile-device” market (since they cannot seem to “create” anything new). I have been designing for 25 years on Apple/Adobe platforms and have purchased EVERY incremental upgrade during that time period - and now they want me to “create” on a “postage-stamp” sized device that is not even a great “target”, much less viable as a creation tool. Kids in charge!