Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Plugins


Any word on when there will be an update to the auto activation plugins for the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud 2014? I tried copying the plugins from CC to the new 2014 folder and the application comes up with an error in loading the plugin.



lol always the same, it will take forever, the CS/ CC :laughing: update seems to be a surprise to them every year :laughing:


The update to SF5 16.2.1 is now available. See the updated release notes.


and it crashes Illustrator CC2014 (Mac) every time I try to start it. I had to remove the plug-in altogether.


In addition to crashing Illustrator, all my other CC2014 apps open with an extensis plug-in error.


I am set to have auto updates and my latest update is 16.2. Even after turning it off in preferences the option to check for updates is greyed out. I have downloaded cc2014, but have not used it since the plug in does not seem to be available.