Adobe CC App compatibility


The CC apps are out as of this morning. Any word on an update?

Adobe Creative Cloud

I just downloaded all the CC’s and extensis doens’t work with them. This is pretty critical for me. Hope something works soon! :frowning:


Likewise. This is very important, and I am a bit disappointed that there isn’t any information anywhere on the Extensis site, not in the forums, not in the KB, not in the blog, and not on the product page for Fusion 4,regarding Suitcase Fusion plugin compatibility with the new CC suite.

I would have thought that Extensis would at the very least give us an idea of what their plans are and when we may anticipate getting updated plugins.


OK… got an answer back and they have also posted on their blog. They are working on it! I guess just in the testing phases right now. Will just have to use CS6 for the moment if you need to have fonts available from Extensis.


No Suitcase Fusion 4 update for CC is coming, only a new paid upgrade to Suitcase Fusion v5 will give you CC app (plugin auto-activation) compatibility:

extensis.com/downloads/relea … ion-5-mac/


Is it confirmed from Extensis that there will be no CC updates for Suitcase 4? That seems a little weak.


Suitcase Fusion 4 was released in April 2012, and only supported up to Adobe CS5.5 for plug-ins. Then when CS6 was launched in June of that year a free update was released to add plug-ins for that new version of Creative Suite. It’s just a question of timing. Suitcase Fusion 5 was already in final stages when Adobe CC was launched and so support was added with this latest product version, which happens to be the first product to add compatibility, all within just 3 weeks of Adobe Creative Cloud being available to download.

If it’s important to you to ensure compatibility with newer versions of applications and operating systems, you may wish to contact your local sales representative to discuss our Annual Service Agreement (ASA) which provides Priority Support and free upgrades. It’s available through our volume licensing, which is available from just a single license if that’s all you need for an annual fee that is about 1/3 the price of an upgrade. It’s the cheapest way therefore to stay up to date with every new version we release.