Adding Watch Folders


We have Portfolio Server running on Windows 2008 server and a service account on server that has access to a network share using DFS path. I can only create a watch folder of the share and not the folders further down on the share unless I map that particular folder. Is this how it works? I would think that if I map a share I would be able to create watch folders for any folder one that share without having to mount individual points. The first question is “Is this how it is suppose to work?” If not what should we look for to correct this?


Sounds like a permissions issue? There’s no specific requirement to add a fileshare itself, if you want to just add one of the subfolders from within the fileshare. What you can’t do though is add both a parent and a child folder as watched folders within the same catalog, since the child is already being watched through the parent folder.


We still cannot create a watch folder below the root of the share. The service account has access to the whole share. We don’t see step 5 on page 42 in Administration Guide or step 6 on page 49 of the Desktop Client Guide to manually sync the folder. The folder hierarchy is not showing when created for the root of share. Why can’t we create a watch folder for folders under the root of the share?


Called support and our service account credentials needed to be added to two other services.
Problem solved.