Adding & Tagging Fonts Maddening Slow


I think I posted something about these two issues when version 7 dropped, but it’s worth revisiting again with version 8 out as a public beta.

Adding fonts is maddening slow. Here’s what I get when I drop a new font into suitcase (Window>Activity Viewer):

This activity can take up to several minutes to complete and there’s no way to pause it. The “X” button does nothing. There appears to be no preference to instruct Suitcase to sync manually, or overnight, or some other user-defined time.

Adding attributes (classifications, foundry, tags, and styles alike) to a font is maddening slow. Here’s what I get when I attempt to apply a single attribute:

That spinning wheel of pain sometimes will only last a second, sometimes as long as 30 seconds, and occasionally, will trigger the terribly horrible synchronizing from the the first complaint above.

So… Is there anything to be done? If not in version 7, will it be addressed in version 8?

I’m running Suitcase Fusion v. 18.2.4 (1517). I have slightly more than 19k fonts in my collection (I know I have a problem and I’m pretty sure this is the root of all my troubles. And, the massive number of added foundries and tags isn’t helping either I’d imagine).

As an aside, I have not installed the Beta in fear for my very font life and what evils may be wreaked upon my treasured font library. Maybe I’m being overly paranoid?

Now back to organizing my library, albeit, slowly.



This does work a bit differently in SF8 than it does in SF7. In SF8 the UI for doing Tag assignment has changed and will no longer be blocked when a sync occurs. As you have a lot of Tags (I think you might hold some kind of record btw ;)) the way it works in SF7 I can see really slowing down your workflow.

When you use the beta it will instruct you to perform a backup before you use it. As well you can do a backup in SF7 (File -> Font Vault Archive) to create a backup manually. That way if you want to give SF8 a try and need/want to go back to SF7 your data will all be intact.

If you do decide to try out SF8 please feel free to send in any comments, questions, etc. to ea_suitcase.extensis.com.

Thanks for your questions and for using Suitcase Fusion!



Thanks for your reply.

I’ll consider giving the beta a shot. If I do hold an all time high for tags, do I get a prize?

Thanks again.