Adding fonts to sets and keeping them in old set


When I highlight a group of fonts and add them to a new set by using the menu choice, a new set is created and the fonts show up in both the set they were in and the newly created set.

However when I drag a font from one set to a another set (new or existing) they appear in the set I drag them to and no longer in the set I drag them from.

Since I am using sets to organize the basic set groups and want to keep those groups intact and since I want to use sets to group fonts for more than one usage, I don’t want them to disappear from the sets I am dragging them from.

The documentation indicates that when drug to a new set they should remain in the old set.

Why are they disappearing from the old set when I drag them to a new set???

I have looked all through the preferences and various menus and can’t find a way to set this option.

I am using Suitcase Fusion 4 on a MacIntosh running Mountaion Lion 10.8.4.




Hi kenoli! As you drag them from one set to another, just hold the option key (alt) and you’ll see a plus (+) sign appear, indicating that you are copying instead of moving the font(s). Have a great day!


And I suppose it doesn’t literally copy it, i.e. make a new copy of the font, but creates a new link to the font.




Some followup questions:

  1. If I wanted to combine several sets into one and each set contains some “duplicate” fonts (identical font & version), what happens when I combine them? Are the two sets simply combined eliminating duplicates?

  2. I also notice that I have a lot of “duplicate” fonts which are actually different versions of the same fonts, e.g. version 1.002 & version 1.005. I notice when I preview them there are slight changes. I guess I can either keep both versions or choose one of the versions and delete the other.

  3. I also notice that I recently added some new font sets from various sources as sets and that Suitcase Fusion (SF) actually distributed fonts with the same name (but different versions) to sets that had fonts with that name. In these cases those sets now have the duplicate (but different version) of the font in addition to the font that was there already. I presume this is the standard MO for SF.



If you’ve got lots of duplicate fonts, probably best to read our Font Sense white paper which describes the technology we use to tell when a font is exactly the same, and when it’s a unique font from another, even though it may share the same name, foundry, version etc. Suitcase lets you add all these duplicate versions, and uses Font Sense to help ensure you know one from another and the correct one is used when activating.

How you choose to manage your duplicates, removing, or keeping, is up to you. However, Suitcase gives you the choice, but only ever stores one copy of each unique font in its vault, using the database to just reference that single font file across the various libraries & sets you create in Suitcase.