Adding fons from folder with existing fonts


I have a folder where all my fonts reside. Then when I add new fonts to that folder I want to add the to Suitcase Fusion.

  1. Is there a way to do this automatically?
    As in: SF5 auto scans the folder or scans by command and detects a new folder is available?

  2. When I drag & drop the new fonts, a new set is created… if I delete that set will the fonts still exist in the library as if they were added when I first created it?


  • Joao


Hello Joanc:

To answer your questions:

  1. SF5 cannot automatically scan or watch a folder for new fonts on your hard drive. When you get new fonts, simply drag and drop them into SF5. If you’re not sure what’s new vs what’s old, simply drag the entire parent folder of fonts into SF5; fonts that are already in the program will not be added a second time.

  2. When you drag a folder of fonts and drop it literally on the word “Font Library” fonts are added to the Library and a font set is created. If you just want to add fonts to the Font Library but do not need them in a set, then just drag the folder into the list of fonts at the bottom of the program window. If you have any sets you created by accident, you can safely delete them with the delete key; the fonts themselves will still be in the Font Library for use.