Activation Plugin Issues in Adobe Photoshop



This forum post has been created **by Extensis *to log issues related to the performance of the Adobe Photoshop CS Activation Plugin & Font Panel. Extensis is currently working with Adobe Photoshop Engineers to resolve outstanding issues so your feedback is greatly appreciated.



Dear Chris,

since there are well known Problems with the Activation Plugin on CS6 i have perhaps some Informations for you,
cause i run in this Issue the last days. The Problem on my Mac (OSX 10.7.5, Suitcase 15.0.5, Photoshop CS6 13,1,2) are that on some larger PSD Files with many Smart Objects the file could only be saved and opened with very long time deferrals
and also the apple rotation wheel. I have made some test to solve the problem. First of all checked the preferences as many others in the internet. But this not really solve the problem. It happen again and again. Today i test it to rasterize all Smart Objects and save it again. And see fast starts and fast save. Then i take the same document with smart objects and deactivate the Font Activation Plugin. And also fast open and fast save. So It seems that the font activation plugin has some great problems in conjunction with Smart Objects. To solve actual the problem i find a workaround in the global font activation for Photoshop and put it in the Preferences list. Curiously this work also pretty good. Further fast save and open. So my conclusion is that the plugin has a big problem with smart objects.

Hope this will help and you will find a fast solution, also of cause this is not a workaround for the Universal Type Server 3 and Clients which dont have these global activation. There the same problems occurs with save and open.




Hello Andreas,

Thank you for sharing your experience and I apologize for the inconvenience the plugin issue has caused you.
It sounds like global font activation is working temporarily until we are able to fix the issue.

We have identified the same issues you’ve reported with large Photoshop documents containing smart objects and the auto-activation plugin. The Product Team has discovered the root cause and has worked with Adobe to address it in future releases for both Suitcase and UTS.

I don’t have the final release schedule yet but expect it to be available soon (in the next couple of months). I will update this post once our release schedule is confirmed.

Let me know if you have additional concerns.



Thanks for the Info and Update

Yes i have one more question. What do UTS 3 Users do in this time? They have no possibility for global activation?



Here are installer links for UTS 3 client users:



Please let me know if you still encounter the issue after installing this version.



The issue encounter further. No Changes with this Client. Its also curious that the efficiency falls down from 100% down to 60% as far as the plugin is activated. Same as with Suitcase Fusion.


Are you opening files off a network share or local hard drive? Does it make a difference if you open local files vs. ones on a network drive?


These files we tested, were opened from the local drive. But we use also Network Drives and also thought it has to do with network drives. But theres really no difference.


OK, in that case, this issue is probably better dealt with over the phone. Can you contact me via private message with your contact info? I’ll have someone on the support team get a hold of you to take a look at this issue.