Ability to Copy nested folders using Copy/Move function


Is there any work-around for the inability to move a set of nested folders between catalogs?

Every year we move a folder of assignments from an earlier year into our archive catalog. This year we’ve got about 195 jobs with 10K of files to move to the archive. I’d hate to have to create new folders and move the contents of each folder separately?

It doesn’t help that our watched folder structure in the archive has each year as a separate watched entry, so the system won’t allow you to move folders into the root of a watched folder anyway. And to add to the pain, Ver 11.2 allowed you to do this with ease.

Anyone have any ideas?



After working through 20 or 30 folder moves today another question came to mind… When using the Copy/Move function, does Portfolio only move the file types that have been ingested into the database? In Ver 11.2, when you dragged a folder to a new location, it moved all files it contained, not just those in the database. For example, we don’t ingest font files for packaged InDesign files, but still keep them with the packaged job. When we move the records to a new catalog/location will these font files also move or do we need to do that manually?


OK…3rd day moving files, and these questions keep popping up. When moving files between catalogs, does the thumbnail & preview follow along with the files, and are copied into the preview location spec’ed for the new catalog, or do we need to Regenerate new Thumbnails?



If you move a nested set of folders between catalogs, the whole contents of the folder are moved. If you don’t have the proper exclusions set up in the new catalog, those excluded files will be cataloged in the new catalog.

The moved records are copied between catalogs, so all of the metadata (including the creation and modification dates of the records) is transferred between catalogs.


Thanks Support for getting back to me…

So if I understand this correctly, if you move a set of nested folders to another catalog, all the cataloged files will drop into the root directory of the original nest, loosing your folder structure, but the files will transfer. And excluded files in the original catalog can (?) transfer to the new location if the exclusion is not set to exclude on the destination folder?

So if you have excluded files in the original folders that are not cataloged, how does the system know to pick up those excluded files and move them to the new location’s folder when using the Mover/Copy function?


Hey Bruce,

We have the same problem with trying to move entire job folders via Portfolio, which is why we don’t. I just did a spring archive and moved 5TB of jobs to our archive server but had to do it via Finder in order to maintain the folder structure.

It is a big short coming of the solution, but I have talked with dev team directly about getting this fixed in the future. No ETA on a fix, but it is on the radar.

It sucks having to do it this way be the system has to re-catalog all the files and sometimes you will have ghost remnants of assets in their old location that haven’t cleared out.