A lot of problems


Hi, I have a lot of problems with Suitcase. But there is no other software for Windows.
A problem is that Suitcase slows down saving and opening documents with AI if the documets are saved on a NAS Server on Network. It takes a lot of minutes than to safe. Since 2 days I got no connection with the Suitcase Server to start Suitcase Fusion 7. I have important work and canot do it like I want. After installing Suitcase 6 again I have no auto activation plugin for Illustrator. So I guess the best method is to to it like before with fonst. I install them on my windows folder. So I do not need Suitcase anymore. There are too many bugs.


Thanks for your questions.

The slowness in opening documents from a remote NAS is dependent on your network connection. We would recommend trying the document local on the machine and see if slowness issue is resolved.

As, for the plug-in issue, this is typically caused by an older or incorrect plug-in version being installed in your Adobe plug-ins folders. Please try the following steps:

  • Close all Adobe applications and then locate and remove the previous version(s) of the Extensis plug-ins from the following location(s):
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe application name\Plug-ins\Extensions\Extensisfont…

  • Once they have been successfully removed, open the Suitcase Fusion application and select the Tools Drop-down Menu in the Suitcase Fusion application.

  • Then select Manage Plug-ins. Select the Adobe versions of the plug-ins you would like installed and click Done.

  • Now launch your Adobe application(s) and see if everything is working as intended.