FMCore Fails to Load

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FMCore Fails to Load

Postby PapaPanda » Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:56 am

Suitcase was working but now fails to open on start-up.

Pop-up screen reads:
"Unable to start the Suitcase Fusion Core."
"Suitcase Fusion has detected an incompatible version of FMCore. Suitcase Fusion can not continue." Tried installing latest update for OS 10.7. Still fails to open correctly. Any way to replace FMCore to correct problem? Thank everyone!
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Re:FMCore Fails to Load

Postby BradMacPro » Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:31 pm

restart usually clears this up.
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Re:FMCore Fails to Load

Postby the incubus » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:45 am

the incubus
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Re:FMCore Fails to Load

Postby Carl_A » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:28 am

I've seen someone from extensis post numerous times that people should contact them directly via Technical Support in order to address their issue specifically but it is IMPOSSIBLE that this issue is so widespread and the culprit is different for all. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Do you treat doctors and auto mechanics this way? Basically, you want the problem fixed, but you're refusing to provide any empirical data, logs, sample files, system profile, etc., that would allow the issue to be assessed. So, if there is a configuration level resolution, you're not going to allow it. Most people who fix things need some kind of access to the thing being fixed.

What's worse for other customers, is that if it were a widespread issue, you're preventing data about it from being aggregated. How many customers are actually affected? What you've described is a very general symptom. So, proving its a single issue can only occur if one has data--which you don't want to provide.

I work at a large university where Mac systems are routinely configured for roaming and non-admin accounts. I wouldn't immediately blame the vendor if a program fails to start. Sometimes you have to work backwards to a true baseline configuration and diagnose from there with trial and error. Not every failure results in a useful log message.

The last time I checked, email and phone support for standalone Extensis products was free, which is almost unheard of now days. There are service agreements, but that's for 24-7 support and other stuff; mainly for client/server products.

They still could fail of course, but it just seems like there wasn't the opportunity here.
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Re:FMCore Fails to Load

Postby CStevens » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:01 am

This is merely a way for extensis to charge for their Technical Support Services by either forcing customers to Sign up for a Technical Support Plan in the event they don't have one. I call that extortion!

Extensis provides Technical support free of charge to all customers via email and also have offices in both the US and UK for telephone support, where we're happy to call you back if you don't want to pay for the call. The only 'sign-up' required is that you register with Extensis via our website to log your support ticket, details and product registration.

Our Annual Service Agreement (ASA) provides 24-hour Priority Support and free of charge upgrades, but is not mandatory, though is included when purchasing either a Volume License or Professional/Enterprise Server product. It's still optional to renew, but we would never 'force a customer to sign up' just to receive technical support.

As for your issue, I see no support tickets logged against your name/email, and no product registrations. These forums are not actively monitored by Technical Support staff, so I would recommend you submit a ticket via our main website here, or telephone the US support team directly.
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